Be Encouraged.

What. A. Week… And it’s only Wednesday. But I’m pushing through! How about you?

Here’s a good challenge to embark on this month or maybe even the rest of the year:

Count your blessings more than your burdens. No, really. Start a Blessing Jar, a journal, or use Post It notes!

I have them all over my apartment, and I try to keep one with a positive affirmation near my workspace.

It would be nice to have a 24/7 cheering section. But what if we decided to get encouragement from the everyday reminders that we often overlook?

Never lose sight of why you started and who brought you this far.

If you’re trying to reduce clutter and prefer to take the digital route to daily encouragement, take your pick from my favorite online inspirational vitamins below!

Sprinkle of Jesus

Shine Text


Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.58.00 AM

Girlfriends Pray


Updated August 17, 2017

What are your preferred online sources of inspiration? Please share the love. Leave a link in the comments!

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