You Are Not a Brand

On October 8, 2018, KBLX radio personality Armand Carr was joined by the co-director of Dream Defenders, Phillip Agnew for a discussion on "The Business of Podcasting." This was not your average discussion on millennials and technology--and that's a great thing! Agnew informed #TECHCNXT attendees on his opinion of "branding" and the potential impact of … Continue reading You Are Not a Brand

Staying Ahead of the Curve With LinkedIn

In September 2008, I was starting my second year of graduate school in Cleveland, Ohio. After a year of graduate-level coursework, it was clear... Time would always be scarce, pulling an "all-nighter" was slightly more painful than undergrad, and if I wanted to completely eliminate distractions, I definitely needed to leave my deactivated Facebook page … Continue reading Staying Ahead of the Curve With LinkedIn

Be Encouraged.

What. A. Week... And it's only Wednesday. But I'm pushing through! How about you? Here's a good challenge to embark on this month or maybe even the rest of the year: Count your blessings more than your burdens. No, really. Start a Blessing Jar, a journal, or use Post It notes! I have them all … Continue reading Be Encouraged.

2017 Check-In

There are 146 days until 2018.Has your 2017 been going as planned? I've been sorting through papers and decided to take a peek at my Wunderlist to see how many completed "to-do's" I have. That list is actually pretty long. But the larger items remaining are glaring at me, every time I open the app--at … Continue reading 2017 Check-In

My First Step Into the Fear Paradox

I wasn't sure what to expect at my first Fear Paradox. But any and all anxiety went away when I met a really nice lady on the elevator ride to the 19th floor of Merchandise Mart. She introduced herself as just, "Lola." But I soon found out that she was "THE Lola P. Wright," Spiritual … Continue reading My First Step Into the Fear Paradox