My First Step Into the Fear Paradox

I wasn't sure what to expect at my first Fear Paradox. But any and all anxiety went away when I met a really nice lady on the elevator ride to the 19th floor of Merchandise Mart. She introduced herself as just, "Lola." But I soon found out that she was "THE Lola P. Wright," Spiritual … Continue reading My First Step Into the Fear Paradox

2017 Hustle Her Way Summit

I had the privilege of closing out the 2017 #hustleHERway Summit as the moderator for a panel of female founders! Kyshira Moffett gave me a homework assignment that included doing more speaking engagements. Before I could come up with an excuse for not completing the assignment, she said, "I'm looking for a moderator for the summit, … Continue reading 2017 Hustle Her Way Summit