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U.S. Politics: 101

Obama 2012: Taking some time off from the campaign today to make sure UK interns, Luke & Chiara get a crash course in the electoral process in the U.S. (Taken at Cuyahoga County Board of Elections)

A Weekend with Mrs. Ruby

June 2012: Staying w/ an Obama supporter for a few days during job training and O M G… She is so sweet – and loves coffee just as much as I do. ☺I MUST get Ms. Ruby a nice thank you card and maybe a Starbucks gift card too.  Ruby Cavanaugh Koerper ♥ July 22, 1922…

Obama 2012: Cleveland

If you’re not here please make sure you tune in: www.BarackObama.com/live (Taken at Cuyahoga Community College – Metropolitan Campus)