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Voyage Chicago: The Road to Social Entrepreneurship

“I’ve had an interest in public affairs for quite some time. My introduction to being a social entrepreneur comes from my parents who have both served (and continue to) in public service. However, it was more than likely the countless times I tagged along with my grandmother to Southwest Priority

The Civic Tech Collective:

As someone who has always had an interest in public media, my motivation has always been “find a way to use media to impact lives” or to inspire others to use technology as a tool for impact. In 2014, I started a newsletter and website called The Civic Tech Collective.

Nielsen Study on Black Women, Media, and Tech


Women Leading by Example: Adena Andrews

Journalism is changing. With the advent of the blog, podcasts and pretty much everything going digital, it seems like everyone thinks they’re the press. Add social media to the mix and it becomes undeniable that the traditional landscape of a career in marketing and communications takes on a new shape.

Black Girls CODE Chicago: Building Leaders, Bridging the Gap

Much has been said about the lack of diversity in tech, particularly when it comes to Blacks and women. Black Girls Code launched in April 2011 with a mission to change that narrative through workshops and after school programs across the country for girls. Now active in 13 cities across

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