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You Are Not a Brand

On October 8, 2018, KBLX radio personality Armand Carr was joined by the co-director of Dream Defenders, Phillip Agnew for a discussion on “The Business of Podcasting.” This was not your average discussion on millennials and technology–and that’s a great thing! Agnew informed #TECHCNXT attendees on his opinion of “branding”

Celebrate Leadership with The BOSS Network

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Voyage Chicago: The Road to Social Entrepreneurship

“I’ve had an interest in public affairs for quite some time. My introduction to being a social entrepreneur comes from my parents who have both served (and continue to) in public service. However, it was more than likely the countless times I tagged along with my grandmother to Southwest Priority

Something to Consider on the 153rd Anniversary of Juneteenth

A black child born today has less of a chance of being raised by both parents than a black child born during slavery. Michelle Alexander, Author of “The New Jim Crow” | March 15, 2013 Video Credit: University of Chicago

Women Leading By Example: Mellody Hobson

Full Video: (Video Credit: Salesforce) Mellody is the President of Ariel Investments and responsible for firm-wide management and strategic planning, overseeing all operations outside of research and portfolio management. Additionally, she serves as chairman of the board of trustees for Ariel Investment Trust. Beyond her work at Ariel, Mellody has

Reach Higher and Break Down Barriers

On May 2, “Forever First Lady,” Michelle Obama teamed up with Better Make Room for College Signing Day 2018 at Temple University. This marks the fifth year of Obama’s call to encourage the pursuit of higher education. This call to action is to also make college admission as much of an accomplishment,

The Civic Tech Collective:

As someone who has always had an interest in public media, my motivation has always been “find a way to use media to impact lives” or to inspire others to use technology as a tool for impact. In 2014, I started a newsletter and website called The Civic Tech Collective.

Nielsen Study on Black Women, Media, and Tech


Staying Ahead of the Curve With LinkedIn

In September 2008, I was starting my second year of graduate school in Cleveland, Ohio. After a year of graduate-level coursework, it was clear… Time would always be scarce, pulling an “all-nighter” was slightly more painful than undergrad, and if I wanted to completely eliminate distractions, I definitely needed to

SOCENT: Share Your Stories

Who are the people using technology to make an impact in your community? The Civic Tech Collective is looking for founders, students, startups, and educators on a mission to change the world through tech for our monthly newsletter! 🌎 Do you have an upcoming event or story we should share?

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